Project goals

Create an internet art project. Help global fight against COVID-19. Provide a great and cheap advertisement opportunity for everyone. Earn money to start the next project.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions can be found here

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy can be found here


1.    Who are you? Why are you doing this?
My name is Karol, I am 29 years old engineer from Poland. I am the creator of the mileofads.com.

There are many reasons. The main one is that this is my way to support the fight against coronavirus (because that support is still needed). Also, I think the mile of ads is going to be a great internet monument that everyone will benefit from. I can’t wait to see how it will look like! And of course, I want to earn money but that’s not my main goal. I hope that after all costs (like taxes, server, transaction fees)  I’ll be left with enough to start my own business.

2.    What can I advertise on your website?
Almost anything, e.g. your business, start-up, online shop, YouTube channel, Facebook fan page, Instagram profile, life motto, picture of your dog, petition, something you would like to say to the world…
You cannot advertise (and put this content on your image, advert description, or your website) porn, racism, gore, etc. Also, you can only Advertise once and there cannot be two ads of the same service/product/thing.
You can find the full list of prohibited things in the Terms and Conditions.

3.    Why one inch costs $25?
Ad-slot can’t be too cheap because the site would be flooded with low-quality adverts (and nobody wants that). When you have to pay $25 you are going to put at least a little effort into your advert. Also, the cost can’t be too high, I want this to be a great and cheap advertisement opportunity.

4.    What is the estimated worth of one inch? Is this cost-effective?
If you buy an online advert you usually pay for CPM (cost of thousand displays) or CPC (cost per click/visit).
Based on my (probably shitty) calculations one-inch advert may be worth:
- $450 if you would pay for advert displays
- $630 if you would pay for your website visits.
Detailed calculations can be found at the bottom of this page.

5.    Do you believe in this project?
To create this project I’ve had to learn a lot because I am not a webmaster. I’ve created this site all on my own and it took me 6 months to learn and code everything. I know, I know, it’s a long time but I wanted to make it as good as I could. And unfortunately, I am a perfectionist.
So yeah, I believe it will succeed, otherwise, I wouldn’t invest so much time and effort in this project.

6.    Why do you think this project will succeed?
Because it’s like a snowball effect/virtuous cycle:

More Adverts = more media attention.
More media attention = more Visitors.
More Visitors = the greater value of every inch.
The greater value of every inch = more Adverts…

With every ad-slot sold this project gets another contributor who will spread information about it, and bring new Advertisers and Visitors. And the best part is that everyone wins.

If you’re worried about the fact that I’m not famous or recognized let me put your mind at ease. This might be beneficial for this project. Who would like to read the news about “One million raised by famous YouTuber/Businessman/Celebrity”? That shit is common.

7.    Did you get any media coverage?
The project has just started, so… no. But I will update this point as soon as I find out that someone mentioned it somewhere!

8.    How are going to support the fight against COVID? Why you are donating only 80% of project income?
One million USD will be split between organizations fighting COVID-19 like “covid19responsefund.org”. Organizations will be carefully selected (maybe with a help of Advertisers ). I want to make the best use of every cent of that million. It is very important to me.
Also, there will be full transparency in this process. All transactions/donations will be publicly available.

There are some costs to cover so it couldn’t be 100% for charity. Also, this is a commercial project and even sometimes charities spend less of their income for actual help (sources: https://www.charitynavigator.org/index.cfm?bay=topten.detail&listid=28, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/One_Campaign#Controversy ).
Of course, you can donate $25 directly to a charity, 100% of your donation will help but it will be still $25. This project is all about convincing a lot of people so together we can raise over 1 million USD to fight COVID.
Last but not least: without benefit for the creator, people are more likely to think that this project might be a scam.

If you think that this is unnecessary, help is not needed or maybe there is no virus – just don’t buy an ad-slot.
I’ve got a family member working in the hospital, and I know that things are better than there were at the beginning, but this is not over, there is still danger (especially for the elder). And the winter is coming, what means things may get worse. Every day 8-12 thousand people are dying because of coronavirus. That is terrifying. Even if some people get vaccinated, the virus won't disappear. Don’t expect to go back to normal next year.
Help is still needed… but coronavirus is no longer a “hot topic”.
That’s why I am raising money to fight COVID. If this money can help to save lives or help to contaminate virus – then it’s worth it. Maybe that one million will be this small contribution that will change the odds and help us win faster.

9.    Why the advert on my screen is not exactly one-inch height?
Because there is a variety of devices, with different screen sizes and resolutions, on what you can visit website (a desktop with a large monitor, small laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc.) it is not possible to automatically display every user an Advert with exactly one-inch height. To create an exactly-one inch height advert user would have to manually calibrate website size e.g. with a credit card. I’ve tried to get as close as possible to one inch without that inconvenience. I’ll improve it over time. For now, you can adjust the inch manually by zooming in or zooming out the website (Ctrl + mouse wheel).

10.    This website just started, who asked you these “frequently asked” questions?
You caught me. I had to ask them myself. ( ͡° ʖ̯ ͡°)

11.    How can I contact you?
You can contact me at mileofads+contact (at) gmail.com

12.    BONUS QUESTION: Are you a reptilian? Or maybe just mental?
No, not as far as I know. But I haven’t been tested yet.

Calculating the value of one advert placed on mileofads.com:
●    If you buy an online advert you usually pay for CPM (cost of one thousand displays) or CPC (cost of website visit/ad click). Let’s consider these two cases.
●    For my calculations I’ve made some assumptions:
    o    All ads have been sold and your ad is one of 63360 ads. It doesn’t matter on what inch it is placed.
    o    Mile of ads will be visited by 10 million people within two months after all ads will be sold. Totally 20 million people will visit mile of ads within the first two years.
    o    Is that overrated? I don’t think so. If every Advertiser would share information about this project in their social media/internet groups/between friends and get 64 new Visitors, in total that will be 4 million Visitors (63360 x 64 = 4055040). And some Visitors even if they won’t buy an ad-slot they’ll share this project further.
    o    People visiting mile of ads will stay ONLY at the homepage and they will scroll through it. An average visitor will visit ONLY two websites that ads redirect to. But people are curious, they will probably visit the “whole mile” page and click on more ads.
    o    Average 2020 CPM and CPC costs are taken from this article: https://www.webfx.com/how-much-does-social-media-advertising-cost.html
●    Value for CPM (cost per thousand displays):  your ad will have a 10/1760 chance to be displayed for every visitor on the main page. There are ten yards of randomly selected inches from mile (one mile = 1760 yards). That is a 0,568% chance to be displayed for the single visitor and it doesn’t sound impressive. But, for one thousand visitors, your ad will be displayed 5,68 times. For 10 million visitors your ad will be displayed 56 800 times. CPM cost on social media varies from $6.46 (twitter) up to $30 (Pinterest). For mile of ads lest take even lower CPM: $4. With that cost, the whole campaign (2 years, 20 million visitors, 113 600 displays) would cost you around $450.
●    Value for CPC (cost per click): average visitor randomly clicking only two ads will have a 2/63360 chance to visit your website.  It gives us 315 website visits for 10 million visitors. The average CPC on social media cost is $2,48. For mile of ads let’s take a lower cost: 1$ per click. With that cost, the whole campaign (2 years, 20 million visitors, 630 visits) would cost you: $630.
●    As you can see from the examples above this might be a very cheap opportunity to advertise.
●    In the worst-case scenario, you will get at least one visit – mine!
●    I didn’t include here additional benefits like:
    o    Your ad will be printed and while it may sound like nothing, printing a whole mile will gather publicity
    o    Your ad will appear in news/videos etc. (maybe there will be videos like “watch me scrolling the whole mile of ads”)
    o    Your ad will be seen by people who usually have ad-block, so they will give more attention to your advert than the average Internet user
    o    I will try to preserve the whole mile much longer than two years. Maybe even longer than I will be alive. I want this to be an Internet monument.
    o    You can create an eye-catching and creative advert. It will get more visits.
    o    Your ad will become part of the Internet.
    o    You will help to fight COVID-19.
    o    Page rank and search results will be better – robots also click adverts!
    o    Advertisement costs increase in time, you won’t have to worry about that because you pay only once.